Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

When I buy a property, does the seller have to leave me the fitted kitchen?

The buyer's rights

According to the law, the seller must deliver, at the same time as the property, the elements that are permanently attached to the building. Thus, it would not occur to anyone to remove a floor tile or gutters before giving the buyer the keys to the property.
For other elements, hesitation is possible.

The Civil Code provides that elements that have been sealed with plaster or cement, or that cannot be removed without deteriorating the support, are deemed to be an integral part of the property. They must therefore be left by the seller.

Prefabricated, detachable kitchen furniture is therefore not considered to be permanently attached to the property, even if it is fastened to the wall with spikes to prevent it from tipping over. They can easily be removed and the seller has no obligation to leave them.

Therefore, to avoid any dispute, it is preferable to foresee from the compromise which elements the seller will leave in the property and to list them precisely.

For example, if the seller and the buyer have decided that the fitted kitchen (furniture and appliances) will be sold at the same time as the building, it is better to plan this in black and white.