Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I plan to buy a property through an SCI, but I haven't created it yet, how can I do it ?

SCI (Real Estate Company)

Are you thinking about buying with an SCI? You can sign the compromise today while the SCI is not yet fully constituted so that at the time of the notarial act, it is the SCI which is committed. Two solutions can be put in place:

1/ In the compromise, it is possible to include a substitution clause for the benefit of the SCI that you are going to constitute. If you decide to buy with an SCI, you will have to notify, generally to the drafter of the compromise, your will to substitute yourself for the SCI, within the time limit that will have been given to you. The drafter of the deed, real estate agent or notary, will then take the necessary steps.

Attention: the SCI will only benefit from the withdrawal period of 10 days only if it is considered as a non-professional. If the SCI exercises its right of withdrawal, you will still be obliged to buy the property, on a personal basis, under the conditions set out in the compromis.

2/ It is also possible to foresee in the compromise the purchase in the name and for the account of the SCI in the process of being constituted. If you set up the SCI, it must take over the sale on its own behalf and its manager will sign thedeed. On the other hand, if you do not set up the SCI, you will be obliged to buy the property personally under the conditions set out in the compromis.