Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I bought a property in life annuity. Can I resell it?

Life annuity

In principle, yes.

Attention: It is necessary to verify that your deed of purchase does not contain a clause prohibiting you from selling the property. This clause is called "inalienability clause".

The simplest solution is to sell the property and transfer to your buyer the obligation to continue paying the annuity to the creditor. This operation requires the agreement of the creditor and his intervention at the sale.

Be careful: the creditor may ask you to remain jointly and severally liable for the payment of the annuity in the event that your buyer does not pay it.

It is also possible to sell the property, while keeping the payment of the annuity at your charge. This solution also requires the agreement of the creditor, who must accept that the guarantees that he had taken on the property end. He will then ask you to constitute other guarantees, in order to ensure that the payment of the annuity will be carried out well.