Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory to send a notice of termination to the tenant?

The tenant's rights

No, the law does not require the landlord or the manager representing the landlord to send a notice of due date to the tenant. The tenant must spontaneously pay the rent on the date agreed upon in the lease contract.

However, in practice, theadministrator to whom you have entrusted the management of your property (Fact Sheet: Having your property managed), sends the tenant a notice of due date in order to remind him/her that he/she must pay his/her rent and thus limit late payments or non-payment.
It also allows the tenant to be informed in a timely manner of the new amount of rent after the application of the rent indexation clause in the lease.
It is against the law to charge the tenant for the due date notice.

This mailing is often the ideal moment to communicate to the tenant the rent receipt of the previous month or to ask him to justify his home insurance, the chimney sweeping, the boiler maintenance...

Please note: when the rent is paid by SEPA direct debit, the tenant must be notified of the direct debit at least 14 calendar days in advance, unless a different notice period is agreed upon. This information is given by any means (notice, schedule...).